The word Fluxoff have been created by Lys-Ange LeBlanc for a performing Akt at the Musee d Art Contemporain of Montreal November 17, 2010. The Performance was called Fluxoff-Space and consisted of writing a Manifesto in the Museum exhibition about the appropriation a Space in institution. Fluxoff performances are greatly influences by Dadaism and are currently emerging internationally through live-stream Akt. Multimedia Performing Art Association is the first supporter of this knew movement and regroup international artists from around the world. The emerging of Fluxoff is actively blooming in Canada, United States, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Germany. The Fluxoff manifesto of performance is supported by many performances groups such as TEHDAS, PAS, BMI, Non Grata, ARTX, IMCA and much more.
Fluxoff is an Akt.
Fluxoff is the conscious of Time-consumption.
Fluxoff is the performance of Life.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inflatable Bubbles, Fluxoff-Space

Fluxoff activist has taken over six galleries at the Belgo building on the Nuit Blanche of Montreal on February 26th 2011, in Quebec, Canada. International collaborators from Finland(Pilvi Keto), Ukraine(Maria Kapovska) and Canada (Lys-Ange Leblanc, Roberto D Avonzo, Dave Jean-Guy and Fred) has worked together in the Fluxoff-Space.
-The performances consisted of visiting galleries with the group, find an electric plug and inflate with a fan two bigs bubbles made of plastic. During the performances only one of six galleries where aggressively opposed to the bubbles inflation and threaten us to call the police.
Thanks to the Garbage Gallery for the opposition and the openness of all the other galleries.

Dave Jean-Guy playing in the bubbles

Fluxoff experimenting in studio

Lys-Ange LeBlanc and Roberto d Avonzo inflation progress

Thanks to photographer Pilvi Keto

 Visuel Voice Gallerie\Fluxoff-Space

Thanks to Maria for the archive.

Bubbles in Hudson

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